Eighth Grade Common Core Math: 16 Days to Mastering by John D. Forlini

Eighth Grade Common Core Math: 16 Days to Mastering

Book Title: Eighth Grade Common Core Math: 16 Days to Mastering

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1505452384

Author: John D. Forlini

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John D. Forlini with Eighth Grade Common Core Math: 16 Days to Mastering

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This book is a Common Core course for students taking 8th grade math. It can be used prior or during the 8th grade to help students excel. It teaches students the material that will be covered in the classrooms that follow Common Core curriculum. Besides including a complete Common Core curriculum, there are just the right amount of problems and solutions provided to orient the student for this course. This book is divided into 16 distinct days for learning. A student and teacher can develop their own pace. At the conclusion of the 16th day there is a chapter titled “Beyond Common Core Math (Prep for 9th grade Algebra”). The book is designed for self-teaching by a student or-for a teacher or parent working with the student. The ideal time to read this material would be the summer before taking the actual 8th grade course. However, it can be used any time during the 8th grade. In addition, there is a method revealed in the book that will truly show students how to get the most out of their study time and classroom learning experience towards obtaining an A. It’s like getting a 10 minute head start in a 5 k race. This 5 k race is the basis for the rest of a student’s life. As mentioned, it also includes a final chapter that is titled “Beyond Common Core”. While Common Core does a good job of covering basics, and including introduction to geometry and statistics, it is weak in introducing algebra. Since algebra precedes geometry in high school, this section will introduce the student to algebra with emphasis on word problems. This book is also valuable for preparing for the SAT and ACT tests. It is a solid refresher for these.